Stepping out of the Comfort Zone?

So far I attended a couple of unconferences that were somehow related to the technology stack I’m currently working in. This year I had the idea to step a bit out of my comfort zone. So I thought Socrates was an ideal chance to do that. But I must say – it wasn’t.

For a weekend I joined a very vivid community with like minded people where I felt comfortable from the very first moment. I focused a bit on topics that were more related towards the communication/collaboration aspects of our craft. I really enjoyed the sessions with Pierluigi Pugliese – got a lot out of it.

During the conference there were multiple talks about how to bootstrap a community around Software Craftsmenship. I think it should be a kind of bridging community across existing technology stack/practices communities. I wish we would do the following:

  • Do coding dojos, retreats together to get to know other languages/frameworks/toolsets and how they support common practices (CCD, SOLID etc.)
  • exchange community speakers across the groups to become more open minded in the existing groups.
  • Do joint sessions of multiple groups for common interest topics, listening to ‚well known‘ speakers.

For a SW developer this was the best end summer event you can think of to get the needed motivation for coming fall project season. Thanks everyone!

Ah, I almost forgot: I also was a speaker at Socrates, speaking about the ‚forgotten customer‘.


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