SystemViz – Libraries

What is it

I’m currently busy to dig deeper into some Systems Thinking topics. One of my Google searches ended up at – a very promising visual language for systems thinking aspects across disciplines created by Peter Stoyko.

In parallel I’m a long time user of – IMHO the best visualization tool for the web, with great integrations into Atlassian Confluence.

Bringing both together I’ve created 6 libraries taking the source shapes as the basis, 1 library per category.

How to use it

  1. You are using for visualizations in whatever version – Confluence Server/Cloud, stand-alone.

  2. Download the libraries archive (at the end of the page) and extract the files.

  1. Within go to File / New Library to create a new library.

  2. Now import the downloaded libraries.

  3. After clicking Save you see the library in your Libraries panel. Now you can use the SystemViz shapes in your graphics. Have fun!

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